Copyright paintings (painting, graphics, watercolour), portraits from photographs (portraits, caricatures, we present a sketch and ensure quality to our Clients)


Tailor made frames, stamping on canvas, finishing of printed copies, fresco paintings, mirrors (facet, circular and oval)


Fast drawings, caricatures, portraits at corporate parties, weddings and anniversaries.

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Art critic, culture expert, graphic artist, member of the Association of Art Critics

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TV anchor, journalist, interior designer, restaurateur, traveller.

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Famous painter and artist. Member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia. Member of the Petrovsky Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Head of the Art Studio "Decoretto", material scientist, designer certified by International Designers Guild of London.


We take measurements at no cost (in Lipetsk).
Our designer helps to decide on materials.
Delivery and mounting.


Creative photozone for different occasions and events. Consultations from designer. PICTURE HANGING SYSTEM How to change artworks/ info on the wall in a fast, fine and easy way. Nails free, reliable and elegant! We know, explain and install it for you.

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Путь к себе

Данная картина — центр триптиха. Женский силуэт, с возможностью интерактивного участия и собственной мелодией для Зрителя. В центре композиции — настоящая металлическая Тибетская чаша, привезенная из Непала. Каждый Зритель с ее помощью создает свою индивидуальную мелодию. Чистота вибраций — это энергия человека при взаимодействии с картиной, воспроизведение мелодии чаши. Слева на картине золотой фольгой изображены иероглифы, созданные Нейронной сетью, используя слова японских иероглифов: любовь, дух, природа, женщина, вдохновение. Каждый Зритель картины с помощью своего смартфона наблюдает за «оживлением» сюжета, в это время звучит мелодия с чистотой 396 и звуки природы.

We make your home and working space cosy and comfortable.
We inspire creativity,
Bring positive emotions

The Art Studio "Decoretto" is experienced in design and offers a wide range of design works, transforming every artwork (painting, embroidery, graphics, children's drawings, photos, puzzles, mirrors and 3D objects, etc.) into a real piece of art!

If every participant in your event wants to become a painter, we have a solution! Our experts will come right away with all necessary materials. Each guest, even without holding a paintbrush in hands before, will create a unique masterpiece!

Our experience since 2009 has built up a vast background and skills which allow us to satisfy any requests of our Clients.

Our offers:

  • Copyright paintings (paintings, graphics, watercolours and pastel) 
  • Portrait from photos 
  • Stamping on canvas, finishing of printed copies 
  • Mirrors 
  • Gift boxes 
  • Fast drawings, caricatures at corporate parties, weddings and anniversaries! 

The right frame that catches the artwork's "character" will underline its nature, and beauty. A well-chosen frame can transform and decorate any interior, become a link and create harmony between an artwork and a room where it is displayed.

We compare our frames with jewelleries: a precious metal frames gems and our frames often become your contribution and keep artworks for ages!

We satisfy even your most impossible creative wishes and give competent professional consultations on art design and interior design.

Our location

Art Studio Decoretto 9 Komunalnaya str., 398059, Lipetsk, Russia, ground floor, left wing (entrance from the Diagnostic and Treatment Centre nr.1).
We take orders during working days from 10.00 till 19.00.
Sat and Sun are available upon reservation by phone.